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Why would you want to be without a phone line?

People use mobile phones to communicate be it voice or data but mobile phone are rather limited in their use.  Not all websites are mobile friendly and the data coverage for mobile data services is fairly poor and patchy.  Having said this, you may commute to work where you find better reception and simply put up with this poor level of service.

You may be without a land line telephone service for numerous reasons in you life and it can make perfect sense:

  • You are a student in accommodation during your studies.
  • You are a foreign worker in the UK with no UK reason to have a fixed land line telephone service.
  • The flat or house you live in is remote, in a rural area, and has never been connected to the local exchange.
  • The location you want broadband in is not your main home but a second home.
  • You live on a fixed mooring boat house with no telephone line connections.
  • The land line telephone service you received before was terrible and you simply want to do without it. 
  • The office you use is way down the end of your property and can not have an extension line.
  • Your business office location is a personal creative study location for your work and you do not want a telephone line.

The reasons for not having a land line are endless when you also have a mobile phone which simply handles your calls.


But what about the internet connection when you do not have fast mobile data services?


That's easy, just get a satellite dish internet connection installed and then you can be without a phone line and be connected to the internet at broadband speeds.  Just the way you want it without line rental changes to worry about and it is affordable as well.