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Broadband Provider Without BT Line?

I'm happy to say you just found them. When I first looked into this satellite broadband internet deal I could not believe it. Like many people I thought that it was exotic and expensive but this is simply not so. Satellite broadband is affordable, effective and delivers an internet connection anywhere including rural areas or indeed in any town.

Satellite broadband really is a broadband without phone line


Unlike all the telephone broadband suppliers satellite broadband will NOT use your copper cable telephone line. You can experience problems with copper telephone cables. Sometimes these cable problems can be very can be difficult to trace and dirty line telephone line faults then occur. You could be far better off using modern satellite communications for your broadband needs.


We all know what the broadband market advertises 24mbps high speed and then never delivers this to 99% of their customers. Most real world broadband connection speeds are between 2mbps and 4.5mbps. If you live in a village or far from the exchange then it will be even slower. Satellite is vastly different because you get the exact speed you pay for. An honest speed and an honest broadband connection offer.


How slow is "can't connect at all" to rural broadband?

Consider how you would like to run a business with a unreliable rural broadband service or no service at all. All of these businesses on remote trading estates can have reliable broadband internet services by using satellite broadband.

Take the example of my sister running her car chauffeur business located in the rural countryside. She gets broadband, well just about, and it's so dead slow and doubtless subject to problems. Her business is doing well but should she loose her internet connection then she looses her order details. Crazy daft, crazy amounts of cash lost per hour all for the internet being down.

My sister lives and works near to a small village next to an out of town industrial estate similar to many such out of town or country business parks. NOT one of these businesses can get a broadband connection on that estate because they are 100 yards too far away from the telephone exchange.

Before you think about mobile 3G broadband services - think again. My sister tried this option as well - she likes gadgets/spending money. Her connection goes in and out even when she is in town (London) picking up her clients. Worst still the 3G connection is very expensive and does not work in her rural business or village location. My last email from her says it all 'you may get this email tomorrow as this thing does not want to send emails today?' - I'm her brother but you can't do business on an internet connection like this?

Mobile 3G USB broadband also runs at various negotiated low signal speeds. You can get a really slow connection which brings back memories of the old slow dial up modem days. You could never use this service for any serious business broadband traffic.

Satellite broadband is the answer to getting a reliable internet connection no matter where you are.

You choose the broadband package with the fair use broadband capacity you need. You always get the reliability of a satellite connection.

Copper land based broadband is good if it works for you both technically and as a business solution. Satellite broadband works even better and it isn't as expensive as you think.

Consider what you believe to be the most reliable broadband connection. I sit here knowing the technology, knowing that my business relies upon a copper cable going to the top of an old BT telephone pole with a shabby forty year old connection box.

The point is copper broadband can never be as reliable as satellite broadband technology. All those junction boxes fail to keep out the rain in winter so your BT line goes dirty and crackly. In addition, every electrical connection will have signal losses and electrical resistance. Your broadband signal needs quality both to maintain its speed and to maintain its reliability.

Contrast this with a dedicated digital signal beamed directly at an orbiting satellite and then relayed back down to earth for your broadband satellite connection. Good clean signals with no losses for a superior modern day internet connection which will not degrade.

Is satellite broadband unlimited or unmetered?

No and it's unlikely to ever be unmetered. We must again look at the truth of unmetered or unlimited broadband deals. There is no such thing even on copper land line connection because it is unrealistic and is a marketing phrase rather than the truth, else why would you have a 'fair use policy.'

If you want more download or upload capacity then you simply move to a bigger package. If the usage is simply a one-off then pay once for the additional capacity. You can not ask fairer than that.

Is satellite broadband available in my area?

All of the UK is covered by good satellite signals except some highland areas of Scotland and the Scottish islands.

A more important consideration is the availability of quality satellite dish installation teams in your area. The satellite dish has to be aligned correctly and be firmly mounted in the correct location and position. This is a one time installation setting and after that the installation kit is up and running.

What kind of broadband speed can I get out of satellite broadband?

The download speed is 3.6 mbps regardless. Your connection speed will be exactly this which is better than I have seen in land based broadband for business in Milton Keynes. Some parts of Milton Keynes have inferior thin copper wire cable so it is slow even for short distances from the exchange. They would be three times better off moving to satellite broadband.

In terms of the upload speed we are looking at 384kbs which is about 50% faster than most domestic ADSL connections.

No specialised evenly balanced symmetric (like SDSL) connections appear to exist but these types of connections have specialist uses within businesses needing to upload data or use VoIP extensively.

For a copper broadband connection replacement then the solution and technology is sound.

The contract length is slightly longer being two years or more. This is not so bad because half decent copper broadband connection contracts are 18-24 months.

The only technology which would beat this offering is fibre optic broadband but you will not get this level of investment in small towns and villages. Fibre optic cable is still subject to being damaged by idiots and thieves looking for copper.

The connection speed and enabling can be facilitated quickly. It is simply a matter of arranging a satellite dish installation (two way dish) and installing the specialised decoder receiving equipment. The switch on to live should be quite quick because BT and your local telephone exchange is not part of the commissioning process.

The skill to achieve total reliability of this service is simply to have a professional broadband satellite dish installation - alignment and positioning are everything. All of the other components are based upon dependable infrastructures used by substantial businesses - that's why this is the solution to copper broadband problems. It avoids the copper!

You should buy satellite broadband to solve broadband reliability problems, to get fast broadband in the first place and to backup your rural or town business internet connection.

It is affordable, it's reliable and it's definitely not exotic. Satellite broadband is simply an absolutely reliable solution to connect with the internet in a world full of poor quality copper internet providers.