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Broadband Without A Phone Line – YES, it is available AND is cost effective AND works!!


Why Consider An Alternative To Poor Quality Broadband Phone Lines?

Many people suffer broadband problems and say something like 'My copper and aluminium cable delivered broadband keeps dropping out but comes back up for a few minutes and then drops out again; and so on..all day long. Is their an option to have Broadband without a phone line?'


This is not an uncommon question for those who live just a few miles from their local BT land line exchange.


As the heading suggests... many BT ISP customers live many miles from their 'local' BT telephone exchange. Many such BT customers have experienced the frustration after various BT telephone engineer investigations; the physical cable route to their homes may have many connections going from; copper – aluminium and back to copper and then aluminium again before it reaches their home....etc..this is not good for your broadband signal quality. So is broadband without a phone line a real alternative?



These extended distances and mixtures of cable type usually result in a very poor quality phone line. Such low quality lines are unable to carry clean and reliable signals for decent broadband speeds. In some instances there may be other local BT telephone exchanges a lot closer to your home or business location. Customers may try to make themselves understood to the ISP technical team's telephone service to explain the fact that they actually want a physical new cable from one of the this closer exchanges. I'm afraid that such requests will fall upon deaf ears because ISP providers are concerned about their equipment functioning in the exchange and are less capable or motivated to get BT engineering services to re-route your copper/aluminium telephone line.


BT engineers may explain to customers that cable re-routing can be achieved but the ISP customer service advisor will simply see that their computer screen that their equipment in the existing exchange is working well using the same cable..???? so it goes on. ISP providers do not care about the line quality or how the broadband line is routed to your home or business. They are not equipped to understand and have little financial motivation to get BT to sort out these line issue problems.

Did you know that BT do NOT guarantee the quality of a home phone line for broadband use? If you have a business level of agreement and support then they will investigate problems within a shorter time scale but it still isn't guaranteed. Frankly, you are taking a gamble that any phone line will work as a broadband line. On most occasions it will work at some sort of speed but when you hit trouble then don't expect service just because you purchased a broadband package.

Some dissatisfied broadband customers believe that they need is a new cable laying or swapping of their line onto another exchange. This is where broadband via a satellite dish can come in as a real and deliverable option which works out cheaper than an engineers visit or you lost days off work while some vague attempt is made to sort out your BT line and broadband problems.


What Options may I have? – Well; You may get a better result by first trying to see if they will attempt to by-pass all the non copper parts of the poor quality phone line. Some lucky ISP customers who have a all copper routing from exchange to their homes (many miles long) do get a better quality phone line and seem to have fewer issues with the older non copper parts as is often reported...


Failing that, I suspect the issue will be how far you are from a existing line from another exchange and if there are any spare copper pairs in the cables for you to be joined on to. I would imagine that BT Openreach may charge you a considerable amount of money to carry out such a job. I am sure I saw something recently quoting £600 per BT pole and it may be a lot more if the cables are all routed underground.


BT is very unlikely to re-route just one phone line to another exchange as it is neither economic or potentially practical to do. The revenue they would potentially get from one customer does not cost justify such a job.. They may only consider this type of work if there were a large number of new potential customers involved who were sick and tired of poor quality broadband lines. Remember that routing just one new line, even if it is at all possible would cost you as the customer potentially £1000's.

How silly can BT broadband costs be when installing a new line? There was a well known article in the national press not so long ago quoting to carry out such a job. The could cost was in the region of £35,000! This particular job was to supply a new cable and broadband service to one property that was a new-build and it was quoted by BT Openreach.


Things are not usually as bad as this, so surely this was just a silly one off pricing error? Well you can play loose with your money if you do not mind a "network engineer's visit" to investigate your broadband problem and then paying a 'reasonable' £175 to £200 a day. You have to be kidding - NO! The equipment cost of a satellite dish comes in at almost the same cost as this 'might fix'. You can do without any of this 'investigation/might fix cost' by switching to a reliable satellite broadband as alternative replacement to a BT's 'might fix'  broadband line. After all who says that any 'network engineering visit' will sort out your line problems and give you reliable service in the longer term. Next week when it rains on the copper junction boxes, the 'might fix' breaks down but they come and visit you again on a sunny day when the fault does not appear and thus you are £200 out of pocket.  It just does not make any sense to pay for 'might fix' solutions to your broadband BT line problems.

As the saying goes 'why throw away good money after bad?'


Satellite Broadband does not need a physical phone line at all.
Why not say goodbye to poor quality broadband?

Broadband without a phone is now available all over the UK.