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Can you get broadband without a phone line?

Yes, you can get broadband without a phone line - BROADLY SPEAKING!

In the world of broadband, what you pay for is not always what you get. Many providers advertise fast broadband speeds to catch the attention of potential new customers, but in reality aren’t always able to deliver.

The reasons vary but providers are always careful to use the words 'up to' in an effort to cover themselves. In general, broadband speeds vary between 2 mbps and 4.5 mbps but if you live in a village or some distance from your exchange then you can expect your signal to be even slower. Compare that with the 24 mbps advertised by many companies and there is quite a difference.

There is hope on the horizon though. With the introduction of satellite broadband, users will receive the speed they pay for - guaranteed.

Satellite broadband technology, as the name implies, does not rely on telephone lines so wherever you live, be it in the centre of London or the remotest Scottish isles, you can receive broadband signals at speeds of up to 10mbps. But in this case the words 'up to' do not mean the signal is variable, they simply mean that you can choose which download speed you want to pay for: 6, 8 or 10 mbps. And that speed is guaranteed so you can have confidence your broadband signal will always be there when you need it.

C&R Technologies are among the first to offer installation and support packages with costs dependent on the download speed required. If you want to check how satellite broadband costs compare with your current provider, give us a call on 0800 298 9368.