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Is This Cheap Broadband Without A Phone Line?

You don't want cheap but this is a good service and it is offered at a very good price.  Cheap broadband has a 'reputation' which is not worth the trouble it may cause you.  Have a satellite dish installation professionally installed and you get really affordable broadband out of a satellite system.  What you will get is reliable because it does not use copper telephone wires.  This is especially important for people who need second connections into the internet or people who work remotely in rural areas.  Even town based industrial estates will greatly benefit from the fact that interference just won't happen when you have a satellite dish connection into the internet.  Frankly, if you want reliability then think again about using copper telephone wires.  Such connections can be temperamental to weather conditions due to wet and damp getting into connection boxes.  Your satellite dish points to and connects with the orbiting satellite for really good and stable internet connectivity.