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Broadband no phone line required?

Broadband no phone line required - YES, and it's cheaper than you think!  We all see TV broadcasts from around the world as they happen - that's data via satellites but you think that it is only for the big companies?  NO, on the contrary, a home or business package of satellite connection is street and lane affordable to people who live in towns or rural areas.


You no longer have to be the office person who always has to work in the office because you can not work from home due to your poor quality rural internet connection.  Release yourself from the office commute and get a satellite broadband connection.  The savings on the commute will pay for the service in no time!  These satellite broadband speeds are as good as those delivered in most towns via normal copper telephone wire.


Just try and work out what you would save in commuting costs if you could get your work done from home...


One hour daily commute into your office:

  • travelling 40 miles
  • 40mpg = 4.5 * £1.42 per litre
  • about £6.40 both ways so £12.80 per day plus wear and tear on you and your vehicle.
If you can be freed to be working from home just three or four days a month then you will have this system paying for itself and you will be much happier?