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Need broadband without a BT line?

Good Quality Broadband Internet With No BT Telephone Line Through A Satellite Dish Connection Onto The Internet

High speed broadband with no telephone line is feasible and provides reliable broadband internet with no BT telephone line. Fast quality broadband services within the whole of the UK. Coverage which is way better and quicker than 3G mobile through a satellite dish Internet connection without any telephone line requirements.


Top quality broadband with no BT phone line; is it feasible? Yes, reliable broadband without any BT phone line is quite possible. If you reside in a region which has a fiber optic cable network, then quality broadband without any BT telephone line is accessible through the fiber optic cable to your house or business premises (this feature is restricted geographically to regions of the UK which have fiber optic cables set).

Any alternative option is there to fast broadband internet without any BT telephone line? Well, mobile 3G broadband internet can be acquired from the majority of the UK mainland cell phone operators yet it has restrictions. Coverage could be discontinuous and irregular as the mobile operators network of ground based transmitters and masts does not include the entire UK.

So, is there no efficient and practical substitute for broadband internet with a BT telephone line then?

Yes now there is - quality broadband internet without any BT phone line is feasible and cost effective with a broadband internet via satellite system. Satellite broadband provides quick, cost-effective access to the Internet where other services can't, possibly because of sub-standard local copper and aluminum cable network. Satellite broadband provides you with good efficient, high quality coverage of the UK and Western Europe, this type of satellite broadband system could help you get on-line quickly and easily and totally independently of the BT phone line cables and network.

Why continue to endure your unreliable BT phone line internet connection when you could be browsing at speeds of 10MB? You could be enjoying 2nd generation satellite internet connection for less than you may think!

Since broadband via satellite makes use of satellite technology instead of broadband over the BT phone line network, it provides quick, quality and efficient Internet connection almost anywhere in the UK.

Everybody's requirements for a quality broadband with no BT phone line solution could be different, so systems come in 4 different packages. Maybe you are if you are not a heavy user of Internet bandwidth services so there is a package specifically made for your requirements and you'll pay much less for your service than somebody else who is a heavy or very heavy user of bandwidth.

Got A Dirty Broadband Phone Line?

Dirty Phone Line Or Dirty Windows?

Businesses can run
with dirty windows
but business can't run
with a dirty broadband line!


  • Your dirty, crackly phone line means you'll have trouble with an unreliable & poor copper internet connection.
  • Your business can run with dirty windows but it can not run without a good broadband connection!
  • Your monthly internet costs could be lower than your office window cleaning costs? 

Providers always talk up speed!

Many advertisers and broadband marketing campaigns simply talk about the high speed of your broadband.  What you really have to be careful of is the fact that they say 'up to' and 'check your area' which amounts to a get out clause should your phone line be of poor quality.  Just check their terms and conditions and ask yourself 'can I cancel the contract which ties me into a 12 or 18 months of payment?'  If you can not back out of your contract then you may be stuck with paying for the full term of your broadband agreement.  You will find it difficult to argue who is at fault should you experiance phone line difficulties.